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PMX is the larger cousin of the PAMARES, which reduces air pollution in the form of harmful aerosols, also known as fine particulate matter in indoor environments. This system is a popular feature in the world of climbing sports and finds support in the industry and agricultural sector as well. 

Optimum health is the most valuable asset for each athlete. You'll invest in cleaner air quality where athletes thrive to keep their eyes on the goal. PMX is simple to adjust in any facility, without the need for complicated changes in your current environment. Continuous protection and fine particulate matter reduction is ensured when integrating PMX in any climbing gym or sports facility, protecting the athletes and the visiting crowd.

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Air quality in the environment is more than ever a top priority for the health and safety of people. PMX takes care of reducing the negative health effects of harmful aerosols (fine particulate matter) stemming from metals, micro plastics, chalk dust, bacteria, fungi, soot, viruses etc. Scientists warn for the inhalation of these microscopic, invisible particles which effect the respiratory system, the cardiovascular and endocrine system, impacting neurological health as well. 


Athletes need to excel. A sports facility with optimum air quality makes a huge difference to improve their performance. Health is the sole priority for an athlete. Reducing harmful aerosols in the sports facility with PMX is a smart decision to optimize the environment for best results.


PMX is mainly developed for indoor use and reduces a large array of harmful aerosols by at least 50% in indoor environments, and demonstrates a 30% reduction rate in outdoor areas. The system comes with practical LED indication, and is IoT ready. The PMX is sustainable and totally noise free. PMX operates safely for humans and animals without using filters or mechanic ventilation. The power consumption of PAMARES is the lowest of its kind (18 watts), and efficient.


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Technology behind the PMX Sports

Features PMX

  • Up to 50% particulate matter reduction in the indoor environment * 
  • Reduces all types of harmful aerosols, such as: exhaust fumes, building material, metallic substance, fungi, bacteria, viruses etc. 
  • Reduces all sizes of (ultra-) fine dust PM0,1 to PM10 
  • Simple control with LED indication 
  • Contributes to a healthy living and working environment 
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Quiet 
  • Safe for humans and animals 
  • No moving parts 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Modular construction 
  • Low maintenance
  • Smart City ready (IoT)

*depending on environmental conditions

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