General questions

Where can the StaticAir products be placed?

In areas indoor and outdoor like busy traffic points, tunnels and parking garages as well as factory halls and poultry houses.

Who installs the StaticAir fine dust reduction systems?

StaticAir is only the producer of the systems. The systems are “plug and play”, so the instalation can be performed by every local installation company.

Can the fine dust reduction system be delivered in different colours?

The StaticAir systems for indoor, the Findures, can be delivered in any RAL colour. For the Pamares system for outdoor use, a RAL colour is available on request.

What makes the fine dust reduction system so energy efficient?

The StaticAir systems, does not require a suction or ventilation system. The systems treat the air on distant.

Technical questions

What is the difference between the StaticAir systems and other systems on the market?

StaticAir works by means of attraction and treats air remotely, requiring no extraction or ventilation.

Which fine dust particles can be taken out of the air by a StaticAir system?

The system reduces all types and sizes of fine dust. From coarse dust PM20, PM10, to ultra-fine dust, PM2,5 PM0,1.

How often should the system be cleaned?

This depends on the concentration of fine dust in the space (indoor) and the atmosphere (outdoor).

Is the system safe for humans and animals?

Yes, the system operates on the basis of very low amperage.