Fine dust reduction in the tunnel environment

The Rotterdamsebaan is an example of sustainable infrastructure in the Netherlands. The FDRS is used in the tunnel mouths of the Rotterdamsebaan to reduce 50% of the emitted amount of fine dust. The FDRS is a modular system that can be used in new and existing tunnels.

The FDRS captures fine dust in an efficient and sustainable manner, which leads to cleaner air in the urban environment.

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Clean and safe working environment

Fine dust reduction in the metal industry

The PMX realizes a pleasant and safe working environment.

Source reduction measures, like point suction at welding and grinding locations minimizes fine dust emission. Despite these measures, the background concentration of fine dust in the working environment increases to an unhealthy concentration. The PMX reduces both fine dust emitted at the source, and the whole background concentration.

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Overwhelming results

Fine dust reduction in poultry houses

The Dutch government has observed that there is a high emission of fine dust in poultry stables. The results of fine dust measurements in the area are worrying.

StatiAir conducted several tests, in both broiler and laying chicken environment. A first field test with the StaticAir Pamares showed overwhelming results! Scroll further down for the results of our first field tests.

With the new fine dust reduction system, the PMX, StaticAir participates in the Center for Emission Reduction Livestock. In this research project various innovative fine dust reduction techniques are tested in cooperation with Wageningen University.

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