Overwhelming result

Fine dust reduction in poultry houses

The Dutch government has observed that there is a lot of emissions of fine dust in poultry stables. The results of fine dust measurements in the area are worrying.

Residents are at increased risk of harmful effects on their health. (www.rijksoverheid.nl)

For us, these were enough reasons to look for two poultry houses where we could do a thorough test. The practice test has been done in one single cycle of 5 ½ weeks in two equal size broiler stables, 2400 m³, with equal flow of air and an equal number of broilers. One stable was provided with 6 of the StaticAir Pamares system. Both stables were monitored in the exact same way.

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Overwhelming result

Fine dust reduction in poultry houses

• 1 test cycle of 5½ weeks.
• 13,000 broiler chickens
• Fine dust supply of 2000 μg/m³
• A building content of 2400 m³
• An air flow of 1m/s
• 6 units of Pamares systems
• Total power consumption of 108Watt

Resulted in 50% – 85% of particulate matter reduction.

The visual results are clearly visible, already after 6 days. It is also clear that the operation of the StaticAir Pamares is not adversely affected by the accumulation of reduced attracted fine dust. Unlike a system that uses filters. It has been shown that the reduction of fine dust at 400 m3 air volume was on average 50% with peaks up to 85% per StaticAir Pamares at a power consumption of only 18 watts.

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