Four revolutionary solutions

StaticAir offers various solutions to reduce the fine dust concentration in your living- and working environment. Our products are made for both the inside and outside environment. The StaticAir products have been extensively tested in different locations for many years. The results are amazing.

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StaticAir Pamares

‘Pamares’ stands for Particulate Matter Reduction System. The StaticAir Pamares has been developed to reduce particulate matter or fine dust outside, in public spaces. The focus was on integration with new and existing street lighting. The StaticAir Pamares is placed as a cuff around the post. The power consumption of the StaticAir Pamares is low, 18 watts, and efficient.

StaticAir Pamares is the solution to reduce particulate matter in concentration areas outside. Download our brochure for fine dust reduction in public spaces: StaticAir Pamares.

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StaticAir PMX

The StaticAir PMX is developped for an environment with extreme amounts of fine dust. The fine dust reduction system is ideal for the industrial and agricultural sector. The PMX reduces fine dust and ultra- fine dust from a wide variety of sources. The StaticAir PMX is safe for humans and animals, efficient and easy to install.

Download our brochure for fine dust reduction in the agricultural sector: StaticAir PMX.

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StaticAir Findures

‘Findures’ stands for Fine Dust Reduction System. Many people in production areas, industrial sites and assembly halls are exposed to high concentrations of fine dust. StaticAir Findures is the solution to secure a safe working environment within a new and existing production process.

Download our brochure for fine dust reduction on the working floor or in enclosed spaces: StaticAir Findures.

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StaticAir FDRS

The StaticAir FDRS reduces fine dust in the urban environment. High concentrations of (ultra-) fine dust are emitted by the traffic. Along busy roads, road tunnels and parking garages are unhealthy levels of black carbon. The FDRS reduces all ultra- fine dust particles in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Download our brochure for fine dust reduction in the urban environment: StaticAir FDRS.

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StaticAir. Quiet and efficient

The StaticAir systems are modular systems and work without mechanical components like fans. The operation of our fine-dust reduction devices produces no sound and is not noticeable.

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