StaticAir innovation

Fine dust reduction due to attraction

The unique technology that StaticAir uses, is based on patents developed by scientists Dr. Ing. Jan Marijnissen and Dr. Ing. Rein André Roos from the Netherlands. They discovered at an early stage that filtering is not the solution. The efficiency of a filter decreases rapidly, filters need to be replaced and are expensive, especially in the long term. The technology applied by StaticAir uses ‘attraction’, is very energy-efficient and very effective.

‘Attraction’ is more efficient than filtration’

When classifying particulate matter into variants, a distinction is made between the size of the particles. The unit is PM, which stands for Particulate Matter.

PM10 Particles with a diameter smaller than 10 micrometre
PM2,5 Particles with a diameter smaller than 2.5 micrometre
PM0,1 Particles smaller than 0.1 micrometre (ultra-fine dust)

StaticAir’s innovation reduces all types and sizes of particulate matter without using a filter, without the disadvantages of a filter.

The StaticAir patent is unique and universally applicable

The technique that StaticAir has a patent on can be applied on a large and small scale. In public space, livestock farming, at (industrial) workplaces. StaticAir has four innovative particulate matter reduction systems.

Pamares – suitable for the public space

PMX – suitable for the agricultural sector and industry

Findures – suitable for infrastructure and industry

FDRS – suitable for the infrastructure and industry


The StaticAir products are developed and produced in the Netherlands. For special applications and customization we have all the technology at home.

StaticAir Pamares

Fuel reduction for public spaces

The StaticAir Pamares has been developed for use with (existing) street lighting. The StaticAir Pamares is placed as a cuff around the light mast. The Pamares only needs 18 watts of electricity which is taken from the existing lighting, making application and implementation extremely efficient.

The first trials that were carried out with the StaticAir Pamares prototypes proved so convincing and promising that, in collaboration with Spark Design, we made the proven technique visually appealing for application in public space.

More information about the StaticAir Pamares can be found here.

Developed for use with existing street lighting
Energy consumption < 18 Watt
Remains efficient. Low operational costs. Smart City Ready. Option for connection to telemetry system

StaticAir Findures

Fine dust reduction for the workspace

The StaticAir Findures is developed on the same patents as the StaticAir Pamares and does its work with just 18 watts power consumption. The StaticAir Findures has been developed for fine dust reduction in (industrial) workplaces. In all possible situations where products are produced or assembled, steel is being processed, animals are bred, logistics processes are carried out, fossil fuels are burned, cars are parked, this product is universally applicable.

More information about the StaticAir Findures can be found here.

StaticAir innovation

Our investment in a better future

A better future derives from innovation. The unique StaticAir patents have proven themselves in various trials and prototypes. We are the holder of the simplest and most solid patent to reduce particulate matter or fine dust. A low power consumption, no moving parts. Only when the test reports provided unequivocal and consistent evidence under different circumstances, we shifted our focus to developing attractive product design. The StaticAir Pamares fits into the public space. The StaticAir Findures is a modular product for fine dust reduction. Innovation creates a better world with cleaner air.