A fine dust-free world

Fine dust, or particulate matter, is no longer a matter of fear. StaticAir has an innovative technique to reduce particulate matter. A solution that is effective in the outside- and inside environment. It is our goal to reduce fine dust in the living and working environment. Together we create a fine dust free future.

Your health is at stake

The numbers are lethal!

Fine dust is everywhere. At the place where you live, work or enjoy your free time. Large dust particles tend to be trapped in the nose and mouth when you breathe them in. These large particles can be readily breathed out or swallowed harmlessly. Fine dust particles are invisible. Fine dust can penetrate deeply into the lungs and can be absorbed directly into the blood stream. Fine dust reduces lung functions, reduces vascular functions, aggravates asthma, increases blood pressure and the risk of blood clots. Fine dust has a negative influence on the quality of life and life expectancy.

Fine dust is everywhere

StaticAir reduces fine dust

The air we daily breathe in is less safe than we think it is. Smog warnings in big cities. Air pollution from livestock farming on the countryside. Dangerous exhaust gases from (older) cars. Metal fumes in workshops.

Fine dust is also in the place where you breathe.

What’s in the air we breathe?

Coarse dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, soot, minerals, salt particles

Most of the fine dust in the air is caused by humans. In the Netherlands 75% of the PM10 fine dust and 80% of the PM2.5 fine dust is caused by human activity. Traffic, shipping and industry are big air polluters. There are also natural sources of fine dust. Examples are fine dust coming from the sea or desert.

Fine dust particles can be of different size, origin and chemical composition.

StaticAir reduces fine dust

The initiative is on your side

Epidemiological and toxicological data show that fine dust, or particulate matter, is harmful for your health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn up guidelines. Nevertheless, standards for particulate matter are exceeded worldwide. Action needs to be taken to improve our air quality.

It is the mission of StaticAir to create a fine dust free living- and working environment.